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Oceanographic Instrumentation

Oil and Gas


Environmental Monitoring



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Industries Overview Compared to cabled systems and human divers, underwater wireless modems can deliver significant benefits such as far greater scope of application scenarios and substantially lower costs for installation and maintenance. However this potential is rarely realised, often because the modems simply do not communicate reliably and are too bulky and power hungry.

We have the vision that truly reliable and versatile modems will unlock the real potential of underwater wireless communications and finally deliver the cost savings and competitive advantages to businesses with marine activities.

In realising our vision, we are focussing on strategic markets and applications that have shown an increasing need for the high reliability and versatility that our products offer. You can find out more about how our products are being deployed in these industries:

  1. Oceanographic instrumentation
  2. Oil and gas
  3. Defence
  4. Environmental monitoring
  5. Aquaculture
  6. Diving

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