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AUV command and control

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Subsea telemetry control

Submersible retrieval buoys

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Wireless underwater lift bags

Sample client applications

Sample client applications

Fiomarine   -   www.fiomarine.com

Fiomarine Fiomarine uses the AquaComm modem in its Fiobuoy product, which is a submersible retrievable buoy. The Fiobuoy has many advantages over conventional surface buoys, where it stays hidden underwater until required to ascend to the surface for its marking and retrieval function. To retrieve the Fiobuoy on demand, AquaComm is used to communicate with the buoy at distances of up to 1 km away. AquaComm has been used extensively for many years with diverse customers including the US and Australian navies in many different environments. The Fiobuoy has many applications ranging from the defence to aquaculture industries.

Fiomarine had strict criteria for its underwater communications system due to the need for high reliability, low power consumption, small size, and light weight. These requirements made AquaComm the ideal product for the Fiobuoy.

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Thales Safare   -   www.thales-safare.com

Thales Safare Thales Safare is a wholly owned subsidiary of Thales, a $75 billion global defence company. Thales Safare is an underwater acoustic communications specialist, providing highly successful acoustic communications products to navies globally. After a lengthy evaluation of acoustic data communications systems, Thales Safare chose DSPComm as a partner of choice to provide such systems. These systems include the AquaComm OEM modules and PC-based underwater communications systems.

Thales Safare is currently using DSPComm's underwater communications solutions for submarine communications and diver communication systems. They have carried out extensive evaluation and analysis in terms underwater communications reliability to stringent military requirements. AquaComm has borne out to be the reliable communication solution Thales Safare has been seeking.

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Metocean Engineers   -   www.metoceanengineers.com

Metocean Engineers Metocean Engineers Pty Ltd is an Australian company that provides meteorological and oceanographic services. It deals with numerous industries, and is one of the largest companies in Australia providing such services to the oil and gas industry. Through this, Metocean has developed a culture of procuring and using highly reliable solutions and components, particularly in their oceanographic systems.

Metocean deploys underwater instrument packages extensively in harsh underwater environments and has been looking for a reliable underwater communications solution for many years globally. Metocean ended up selecting AquaComm, which enabled Metocean to provide real-time data from underwater instruments such as current meters. In conjunction with satellite systems, the data can be reticulated globally, providing Metocean's customers with valuable and immediate data in their offices, rather than waiting several months for historical data.

Furthermore AquaComm gives Metocean the ability to monitor and locate its instrument packages that have been deployed in harsh and unpredictable marine environments. The cost of compromising or losing a package can be significant, as added to the cost of the instruments, would be the deployment and maintenance costs and the loss of several months of data.

Metocean has tested and evaluated AquaComm over several years and is offering AquaComm in its standard product line. AquaComm is a very good fit for Metocean's two main requirements of communications reliability and total energy consumption, which are important criteria for underwater instrumentation.

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